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Whirlpools and counter-current swimming

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counter-current swimming
is dedicated to the construction, marketing, installation and after-sales assistance of swimming pools for swimming against the current and whirlpool of its own exclusive design and production

These are the first and still the only tanks directly designed and built in Italy that take into account the singularities of the Italian market such as the high cost of energy and often limited space.

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counter-current swimming

What is swimming against the current and how does it work?
With one or more pumps, specifically designed for this use, a jet is generated inside the tank that presses hard on the mass of water in front of it, creating a surface current.

Discover all the advantages of a HI-TIDE counter-current pool

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against the current

Whirlpool Bath

As far as the whirlpool is concerned, those who know it are much more numerous, but there are some things to explain about this tub. The considerable power of the pumps, the same ones used for swimming against the current, allows you to feed numerous specific hydromassage jets.

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Machines for well-being

The HI-TIDE whirlpools and counter-current swimming pools are real machines for the general well-being of the person and a useful support for the treatment of various diseases. In addition to the undisputed health benefits of swimming and exercise

External tanks

Garden tubs in both large and small spaces

Internal tanks

Indoor whirlpools and counter-current swimming

The advantages of a HI-TIDE bathtub

You can use it longer

It is clear that being able to heat the water of a swimming pool for swimming against the current and whirlpool in an economical way allows for a much longer seasonal use compared to traditional garden swimming pools without heating . In temperate climates but also in the hottest parts of the south of the country, the air will already be warm in spring but the water of a swimming pool without heating will remain below 20 ° C and therefore unusable, while with an external temperature of 22 ° C it will be a pleasure to enter a heated pool with 32 ° C water. Not to mention that at the end of August with the first storm that interrupts the summer heat, a traditional swimming pool has already finished its purpose while a HI-TIDE pool will be used with pleasure also in September, October and perhaps beyond.

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To have heated water, swimming pools require exorbitant energy consumption due to the mass of water that must be heated , a swimming pool for swimming against the current and HI-TIDE hydromassage has less than nine cubic meters of water and, both using the centralized heating systems of the house and the dedicated heat pumps, consumption is low.The heated pool has the advantage that small children can stay in the water all the time they want without problems, while if the pool water is cold you have to be careful and let them go out often even against their will.

Low consumption

Small tub big pluses

installing a small pool such as a HI-TIDE pool is less difficult than a larger pool, especially in finished gardens, impact and damage are much lower, while the times are faster. Concessions problems and various bureaucratic ties with a HI-TIDE pool practically non-existent, with traditional pools it is not always easy. current and HI-TIDE hydromassage are not classifiable as swimming pools (surface less than 10mq and water volume less than 10mc) therefore no changes to the classification of the house for tax purposes.

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