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External pools - Garden pools

… Ideal for both large and small spaces

Having a garden is understandable that it whets the desire to have a site where you can immerse yourself, do sports or simply relax, for all this what is better than our outdoor pools. We can briefly list all the typical advantages of our garden tubs. First of all, they are self-supporting tanks, so a solid base on which to place them is enough and everything else is left to the imagination: above ground, partially or completely underground, with external claddings and finishes in stone or wood.


very low cost


Another pleasant feature is the availability in the garden of a large whirlpool with unsurpassed qualities due to the powerful pumps, the high-lift jets equipped with the Venturi system for a perfect mixing of water and air.
But also those who has large spaces, which could be suitable for large swimming pools, can think of installing one of our pools and the advantages it would derive from it are not just: much lower construction costs, much simpler maintenance, space saved to devote to others outdoor activities or for beautifying the garden itself, crowning it with floral plants and shrubs.

How you want it

To accentuate the beauty of one of our pools located in a large garden, it is enough to surround it with large wooden terraces as a solarium in which to arrange sun loungers, armchairs and everything useful for an outdoor life. In this way the spaces are re-proportioned with good scenic and aesthetic effects.


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