Internal whirlpool tubs

Indoor whirlpools and counter-current swimming

… Well-being in your home

Having one of the whirlpools inside and being able to use it all year round is the dream of many, or even a need for those who need exercises in the water for health reasons. There are those who think only of the swimming pool for swimming and whirlpool or those who intend to combine it with a sauna, Turkish bath, emotional showers for relaxation and a mini gym for physical exercise, creating a real wellness center for use domestic: the possibilities are endless.


No hassle

In the construction of an indoor hot tub there are very different types of construction that lead to results that at first glance seem similar, many factors must be taken into account in order to choose the most suitable for the needs of the case.


The tubs with prefabricated pre-assembled shells are certainly more suitable for the construction of an indoor mini-pool, but there must be the possibility of passage to bring them to the chosen place.
And here the difference between a HI-TIDE swimming pool against running and whirlpool and its direct competitors on the market is highlighted. A HI-TIDE tank being all made of composite materials is self-supporting, weighs 300 kg and is easy to move by hand, almost all SWIM SPAs on the market are in methacrylate reinforced with resins and with a steel frame, weighing from 900 kg upwards , a fact that determines its almost unmovable by hand, while the availability of mechanical means for positioning the tank in several construction sites are not available

No compromise

We recommend the use of counter-current swimming pools and HI-TIDE whirlpools for indoor pools because they are widely tested in countless installations. The experience gained and the technological equipment of these tanks will avoid problems of humidity, odors, high energy consumption, the certainty of not having leaks that could creep into the environment, creating further health problems.


Do you feel lost in a sea of offers?

HI-Tide, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, will be able to guide you in the best possible way.
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