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Upstream Swimming

What is swimming against the current and how does it work?
With one or more pumps, specifically designed for this use, a jet is generated inside the tank that presses hard on the mass of water in front of it, creating a surface current.

By swimming against the direction of the current, this nullifies the effort to advance by pushing the swimmer back, as the power of the current decreases as one moves away from the nozzles, the contrast of forces (current-swim) has a point of equality at a distance more or less large from the outlet of the nozzles: by swimming in this area one remains practically immobile and, by decreasing or increasing the thrust, the swimmer varies the position of the point of equal force, that is, if he swims with a row he approaches the nozzles up to to find a sufficiently strong current to reject it, on the contrary, if it decreases it recedes and settles where the current is weaker. On the basis of this principle, this pool was developed which, with adequate calculations on the necessary power, on the type of pump and on the jets, allows swimmers with the most varied characteristics to swim practically indefinitely, in a space of 5 meters in length.

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