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Since 1999

know-how of excellence

HI-TIDE srlwas officially born in 1999, with an excellent know-how it is dedicated to the construction, marketing, installation and after-sales assistance of swimming pools for swimming against the current and whirlpool of its own exclusive design and production. These are the first and still the only tanks directly designed and built in Italy that take into account the singularities of the Italian market such as the high cost of energy and often limited space.



Another thing we have given great respect to is the innate taste for customization in most Italians, for which we have created tubs and the examples on this site are proof of this, which lend themselves to being inserted in the most varied contexts: sea, plains, mountains, indoors, on terraces, from small to large spaces, always with final results of great aesthetic value. Together with the careful design and the technical improvements made with experience, our strength is the great technical preparation of the staff that allows us to successfully deal with Hi-Tide_chisiamo2 installations from the most varied problems, up to tanks suitable to be installed on mega yachts. Surely ours is a product that ranks very well in the category of “luxury made in Italy”, however for our commercial choices we have kept the price at very reasonable levels. In fact, the commercial organization with direct sales to the end user without intermediaries is our prerogative, which we consider counterproductive to the sale of these high-tech objects: only those who have designed and produced them are able to make the most of them.


Basically we have two types of competitors:

The first are the classic builders of monobloc fiberglass pools, they cannot get the idea of ​​the pool out of their minds and therefore if and when they make small pools they treat them as second-rate pools, they consider them of low value because for them they are larger. they are and more people should appreciate them, but they have never thought of equipping them with technological accessories that would increase their appeal.
They simply see a hole in the ground where they can slam their tank, tamp the ground around it, put a sand filter and, if it’s okay, an underwater light and that’s it. Something that absolutely must not be compared to our tubs. Let’s not talk about those who even offer mini-pools in panels and internal liner as an alternative to one of our pools.
The latter, and these are more insidious, are all the myriad of sites you find on the internet that with extreme imagination offer for sale wonderful “swim spas” of rigorously foreign production, presented in great detail and in a way that seems to have their warehouses full, in reality often behind there is a desk, a computer and little else: internet miracles! They hardly speak of installation if they do not even offer the sale “free of charge” as if one could buy a tank measuring five meters by two and more than ten quintals in weight as if it were an Ikea bookshop.

The differences

And here there is a profound difference in technology: our tanks have total self-bearing capacity obtained exclusively with composite materials that contain their weight under 300 kg and can be easily moved by hand, while these Ecommerce wizards they have imported tanks, sometimes even of excellent quality, made of methacrylate reinforced by a steel frame that often carries the total weight over 1000 kg. suitable only to be transported with difficulty to a point easily reachable by mechanical means because they are irremovable tanks by hand and difficult to insert in refined environmental contexts. Not to mention electricity consumption: we do not exceed 3.4 kW – 220V single-phase, while these import tanks are unlikely to be below 10 kW 220V single-phase, a power normally not even deliverable in Italy.


Do you feel lost in a sea of offers?

HI-Tide, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, will be able to guide you in the best possible way.
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