Pools in Yacht by Hi-Tide


Yachts division

Nearly twenty years ago we were asked to project and realize one pool in the sun deck of a sixty meters yacht. The request was a pool with a relaxing whirls jets area, some jets stream creating a current you can swim against staying in the same position and of course a fast heating system. It was a success. This was the start of what is now our main business. For the same shipyard we created other pools in the next ships he built improving our skill and we started offering our creativity to other shipyards Actually we specialized in this type of pool where our strong suit is the simplest construction and use of reliable components because thise pools stand in yachts that could be destined all over the world and often stay in far seas . This doesn’t mean we don’t do exceptional pieces of design and innovation. We could say we can realize the dreams of the yacht designers and the peace of mind of the crews and the shipowners. Below you can find just a taste of what we did and you could imagine what we could do.
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